The Importance of a Healthy Mindset



Your mind has the great ability to create pathways in your life that will guide you towards healthy activities and positive habits that reinforce your weight-loss progress. For example, let’s say you weigh 160 pounds and you want to get down to 140 in three months. Establish that as a clear goal, and clearly define the food you will have to eat and the exercise you need to do. It is very important to see, picture, envision, imagine and believe that the end result can be accomplished. In your mind it has already happened. I know this can sound tricky to understand when just starting a health/exercise program and haven’t yet done any actual work, but trust me. Begin the program with faith in yourself, begin to feel it deep down inside, and know that you will be willing to do whatever it will take to lose those 20 pounds. It’s essential that you root this belief in your mind before any actual physical work begins. It might sound strange at first, but if you cannot envision yourself 5, 10 or 20 pounds lighter, you will need to practice this until you convince your subconscious mind that these physical changes are possible and will happen.


4 responses to “The Importance of a Healthy Mindset

  • wiggley01

    I agree with you. The mindset is where it all begins. Having the right mindset will help bring about success in all things you set out to accomplish.

  • anthonyhenriquez12lavc

    Half the battle is committing to something mentally. i know that if i had to think about getting in shape and trying to achieve my goals, the right mindset is crucial. You need to be able to hit things consistently and continue to have a plan to be successful. i tell all of my buddies that they need to set small goals and even if they fall off their path to just jump right back on.

    Most people automatically start being negative before commencing something new. If you approach it with that much negativity then there really is no hope for you. You have successfully ruined your chances before you start. Whether it is to ace an exam or power through a workout half the battle is in the head.

  • mailtoandrey

    Hi, Caroline
    I completely agree with your thoughts on the mindset. And weight loss is just an example of the power of our mind. Right mindset is a starting point in the process of achieving any goal. Ultimately, happiness is also a work of our minds.

  • ggmihajlov

    Thank you for posting this. I feel I need to reset my frame of mind constantly. I am actually in the situation of your example. I am a mother of three, and though I have found that have been able to lose the weight I needed to feel good after my last child it was more difficult. I like setting realistic goals such as you state above. I know too many people that want to drop to a size zero and I just know that doesn’t work for my body type. I am curvy and if you go by genetics I am actually the “thin one” lol.

    My main goal is to get to a healthy weight for “my” body. I feel I need to get back into the frame of mind as when I was hiking three times a week and throwing a run or two with it. I focused on my children and how I had prided myself on being a young mom with lots of energy to keep up with my very active children. I think I need to get back to that state of mind as to achieve my goal of getting healthy again. Thank you for the reminder.

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