Elevator Prank in Brazil !!!

You’re in an elevator, the lights flicker, and . . . This is what happened a Brazilian television practical joke show when unsuspecting elevator passengers got the scare of a lifetime.


3 responses to “Elevator Prank in Brazil !!!

  • paulemm

    Lol..That was really funny. I believe ghosts exist, so I would have been really scared if I was in the similar situation. Someone could actually get a heart attack from that.

  • csdykeman

    OMG …. I do not like elevators much and this would have scared the crap out of me.

  • ncordero4

    I saw this video on facebook a couple of months ago. It was hilarious. I have also seen a couple of other ones. There is one where they have the girl standing in the middle of a hallway in a hotel. She looks really creepy. The way people react is really funny.

    I also saw this one I think you would really like they filmed it in Brazil too. It is a skeleton in a car and a motorcycle and he goes down the street telling people to look at him and they do and then they see that it is a skeleton and they take off running. It is really funny.

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