High protein pesto breakfast egg sandwich

3 whole eggs, or just egg whites beaten and seasoned with black pepper, salt, crushed red pepper, dry basil, and garlic salt.

Small and thin ground beef patty seasoned with salt and pepper.

4 small tomato slices, Spinach, 2 slices of turkey breast, 1 slice of pepper jack cheese, mustard, basil pesto, and a cinnamon raisin wheat English muffin.

You can also add a small slice of real butter on the bread. Avoid buying the fake butter. Real butter is a better option.

When trying to lose weight, you have to eat better. This doesn’t mean you need to eat rice cakes and celery sticks everyday, this isn’t healthy. By making better food choices, along with some physical activity you can lose weight or simply maintain it. The food you eat doesn’t have to be bland or tasteless to be a healthier option than what you normally eat.

If you to eat this kind of sandwich everyday without exercising you probably would gain a few pounds, but if you exercise on a regular basis, then you are merely maintaining your weight.

The most unnecessary caloric parts of this sandwich I would recommend to leave out if your goal is to lose weight are the cheese and the butter.


So, try it, taste it, love it, and move it to lose it !!



4 responses to “High protein pesto breakfast egg sandwich

  • wiggley01

    I love food so I have to try one of these!!! I think that working on maintining your weight is better than working on losing weight! Might even be easier…lol

  • annademirchyan

    Caroline, it’s so great that you have the motivation to eat healthy everyday. I have tried to do that but I always give in for my love of chocolate and chips. I think with recipes like this one, eating healthy is more enjoyable because the food tastes good and it is easy to make so more people will be motivated to try it.

    Breakfast is also the most important meal of the day and it’s good to have something as filling and nutritious as this for breakfast because it give you energy for the rest of the day. Instead of eating milk and cereal, which provide no real nutrition, someone could eat a high protein sandwich. Thank you for sharing this recipe I plan on trying it one day soon.

  • sandrachz

    I love to cook myself an this sandwich sounds delicious. I like that you are promoting healthy eating. I think it is important not only for loosing or maintaining weight but also for preventing disease. My family is Mexican so our culture has a limited amount of healthy recipes. But by eliminating ingredients like cheese and butter you can give recipes healthy, tasty spins. Eliminating the egg yolk and just using egg whites is a great idea.

    I try to cook a lot of vegetables and instead of using butter i steam them with a little hot water or i lightly tossed them in extra virgin olive oil and bake them. I love doing this with broccoli, bell peppers, onions, carrots and cauliflower. You just simply season with salt pepper and red pepper chilli flakes for a little heat:)

  • maragazar

    Oh, this just looks amazing! If I hadn’t had my breakfast already I would definitely be whipping this up right now. I have been trying to lose some weight or even maintain it for a while now, so I have been staying away from carbohydrates as much as possible. I did a high protein diet a couple months ago while I was working out and I got in shape extremely fast.
    As you said it would be a good idea to leave the butter out, the cheese should not be a problem because it only one slice and it is a good source of protein as well. Overall this sandwich seems healthy and I am all for protein and lots and lots of protein! I should really thank you for putting this recipe up because I cannot wait to try this.

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