Our Environmental Problems

Environmental issues today occupy an important place in the world. The impact of environmental damage on present generations and the consequences for the future generations, has made this a global concern. The most frequent type of damage to the environment caused by man are: contamination of water, destruction of forests, and pollution.

As mentioned above, the destruction of forests are caused by man. Some modern people care only about making money, so they destroy miles and miles of green zones in order to sell wood, for example. They do not care if these trees are important to the cycle of oxygen on the planet, or if it is killing the animals that need these trees to live. They just want the money.

Another environmental problem is pollution. The effects of this damaging problem is the impact on the atmosphere and contribution to the greenhouse effect. The main causes of pollution are: fires, industrial smoke, and burning fossil fuels. Humans can solve this problem if we stop the fires, use filters in the factory chimneys, and use renewable fuels such as the sunlight, win, and tide energy.

In , some people do not care about future generations. They only care about making money and as a result they destroy the planet where they live.  Everybody should join in to save the world and leave it better for future generations. The future of the planet is in our hands!



7 responses to “Our Environmental Problems

  • wiggley01

    I agree with “They do not care if these trees are important to the cycle of oxygen on the planet, or if it is killing the animals that need these trees to live. They just want the money.” But what are people suppose to do to provide the wood that is needed to build houses, buildings, roads and everything else that needs wood to inorder to be built and help economies all over the world progress? Specially as the world’s population continues to grow at astounding rates. this is just one of the questions i ponder with in my mind…

  • levdaniel

    I totally agree with your view. When ever I hear a story about people killing the enviroment I recall what George Carlin once said in his stand up. In plain words the said, how ignorant of us to think that we are destroying this blue planet. The fact that we trying to trying to save certain animals is our way to say that we control this planet. No! This planet went through much more dangerouse conditions compared to what we humans do to it. It has its own eco system that will heal itself and return to its normal condition.

    We as humans on the other hand will just terminate ourselves by creating enviroment that will not be suitable for our sustainability. We will go through instictitio just like 98% of species that ever lived on this planet, but not because of a meteor but our own greed and ignorence.

  • twotex187

    With the number of people that live these days, i believe that pollution will remain high. I think the mindset of the people is that, if other people are doing it, why can’t i? People are only thinking in present terms without realizing the future.

    I know the U.S. has enacted policies to stop the pollution in the atmosphere. For example, they have regulated the emissions on automotive vehicles so they don’t emit to much hazardous gases. A catalytic converter is used which filters out the exhaust gases to make them more environment friendly.

  • Rano Mukhamedova

    I totally agree with you that people are responsible for global warming. However, i dont think that greed is the only reason we have such a mess. Human indifference is another factor that plays a huge role.

    Why did it take us so much time to realize that plastic bags are bad for environment. Why couldn’t we just use our own bags in a first place? We have to bring up future generations so that every child understands that caring is not a sigh of weakness.

  • mailtoandrey

    I strongly believe that we all need to pay attention to the problem of environment and we all must do what we can to preserve. Only our actions and everyday choices can change things around. The problem is not going to fix itself.

  • nnuno001

    You make a valid point. All this polution began with the Induatrial Revolutioin, when poeple bagan making factories. All the chemicals were disposed into rivers, where people went to get their water supply, washed their clothing and probably bathed themselves. Here in Los Angeles we see a ton of polution from cars, trailers, factories anf fires. Fires are a huge problem here in southern california because it does not rain often and all the dried bushes easily catch on fire. The most recent example was the fire in Camarillo. Who knows how many acres of land have burned and all of those toxins are in the aire which we breath.

    I do agree that people and industires need to be more aware of the effects all that polution has done to nature and ourselves. With cars we have attempted to help eliminate toxins by having a smog test. After a car is five years old, it must have a smog test every other year so it will not eliminate harmful toxins into the air.

  • ianpeyrot

    I agree with you, our generations mind set needs to change. Prior generations didn’t do a great job but its no excuse for us. They may say that they didn’t know any better, which they may not have. But that still doesn’t wipe them of blame.

    Since they did what they did, we have to work twice as hard now. Because they didn’t think before they jumped we have to pay the consequences. WE we need to do is educate everyone we can. Do the little things like leaving the water on for lease. Or recycling every time and just not sometimes.

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