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Hi I am Caroline Teixeira Bonelli, I am an international student from Brazil.  I graduated from high school in Rio de Janeiro in 2010 and in March of that year I decided to improve my English, which was pretty bad at that time, so my parents sent me to study English in CSUN, they have a nice program there called IEP (Intensive English Program) where I learned a lot not only English but about different cultures. After 6 months I went back home and after long days talking to my parents we finally decided it would be better for my future if I came to get my degree here in USA and that is what I did. When I came back to U.S. I started college after two years I got my AA degree with honors and after that, in Fall 2013, I transferred to CSUN (Cal. State University Northridge) where I am studying to getting my bachelors in Finance.   My number one inspiration is my father not only because he is a successful lawyer back home but also because he is the most incredible and intelligent person I have ever met. My priority now is to get my degree and pass the CFP exam and my dream is after I get the degree I can work for a couple of years in order to gain some experience and knowledge in my field to start my own Finance company.

Since I moved here to U.S. to live alone, I begin to understand my strengths and weaknesses, and from this I can focus on my strengths to take actions when I meet a challenge. My weaknesses are exposed as well when the challenge is difficult and from this I learned how to fix or correct my weaknesses. I know that I am intelligent enough to apply my mind to any problem and find a solution. So this gives me confidence and abilities to succeed in whatever I put my mind to. With effort and hard work I know I can achieve what a set out to do.

cristo e estatua da liberdade


13 responses to “Little Intro About Myself

  • Rickie Romer

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  • Mildred Howard

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  • CristinaCarmen

    your post reminds me of a news story from Romania I read recently.
    In February, it was proposed a similar festival to take place in Tg. Jiu, Romania. The proposed festival main scope is to promote archaic traditions, folk dance, songs, tales and dress, throughout Europe and the World. The festival is meant to encourage pride among the new generation of media preoccupied young Romanians, to motivate the formation of extra scholar activities, to promote cultural pride and a sense of kinship. Many similar projects are being tried out across the country, as each region bears its traditions and specific cultural elements. As of now, I participated to many like festivals, with different themes. For example, my home town has a parade each autumn where a parade is dedicated to agriculture; corn, grapes, fruits and especially the chestnuts are being venerated during the parade.
    Although I heard of other festivals across the world, like the one in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, I believe nothing will come even close to the magnitude of the Brazilian Carnival in Rio. When we think of Brazil, we think Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. Furthermore, for many, the festival represents Brazil itself, the Super party of the year.

  • djmoma27

    Hi. My name is KaNedra. I like your picture, it is very inspirational. I love the thought of your story. You should pitch it as a movie. I think that you are very intelligent, having the ability to make the decision to move away from everything that you know. I would have been terrified. The thought of moving somewhere I don’t know about, with out your parents. (Well, that could be cool, being with out your parents. You would miss them, I’m sure.) I think that that is very brave, and shows intelligence. I wish you success, you deserve it. So just continue to strive and stay positive. Always remember what your goals are and don’t stop until you tackle every last one. Don’t forget “you deserve what you accept.”

  • josealv007

    I enjoy reading your blog. I have always been fascinated with the history and the culture of Brazil. I’ve learned in my economics class that Brazil has been for many years considered one of the most promising emerging markets and it has often been called the Latin America’s economic powerhouse.

    All this economic prosperity had to be essential for Brazil to be awarded with the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. In my opinion, Brazil has to be the best place to host a World Cup. I mean, soccer is my favorite sport and I am sure that soccer is a way of life for many Brazilians. I can’t wait.

    Boa sorte.

  • paulemm

    After I got my high school diploma, I also came in the U.S in 2010 to improve my English. I met a couple of people from Brazil, when I was living in the bay area. I love your country, and I plan to go there in 2014 for the soccer world cup.

  • samimamini

    Hi Carolina, Thanks for sharing your story. It is nice to get to know a little bit about you, your background, and your culture. It is amazing how differently we all are raised in our lives, yet we all seek excellence as we are thought to pursue it by our roll models whether it is subconsciously or consciously… Anyways, I have always wanted to visit Brazil, hopefully i’ll have a chance in the future.

    The Brazilian Carnival that you have written about seems pretty fun, I am sure they have some nice authentic barbecue around that time. I am always down for that. I also like the part that you talk about the healthy mind set. I absolutely agree. In fact there is a book written by Napoleon Hill called “Think and Grow Rich”. If you haven’t read it, I think you will like it.

  • tipper5

    Your bio is very inspirational. While reading it, I was reminded about the journey of life. Find something that you are passionate about, develop a plan, stick to it, and keep working at it until you achieve your goal. I read Think and Grow Rich, it is a wonderful book by Napoleon Hill. I learned many lessons by reading his book. Good luck with your studies and much success in your pursuit of entrepreneurship. You are definitely on the right track. Thanks for sharing.

  • jonvarkony

    I think it’s great that you made the jump from Brazil to the US. I’ve always wanted to go to Brazil and more specifically Rio. The city looks so beautiful and I’m sure it is very fun, especially during Carnival, that must be amazing. Will you go back for the World Cup next year?

    I know what it’s like to go somewhere and start off completely new. I moved here from Canada 3 years ago and didn’t know anyone. It took me a while but I eventually made many friends and know how to get around the city. Moving to a new country and culture can be difficult at first, but I’m sure as you know, you become a stronger, more intelligent person in the process. I’m sure you will achieve your goals!

  • thinkinblue613

    Living alone and having parents thousands of miles away is something I can relate to. It has its pros and cons, for sure! But overall, having the freedom to live your life is the best one. Unfortunately, it is also easy to lose guidance and support.

    Living far from home can be tough, but I think it makes us more self-reliable. It also helps us make better decisions, regardless of if we make mistakes or not.

    Congratulations on transferring! I’m sure you’re excited for CSUN. With your aspirations, it is a step closer towards your goal on having your own firm. It’s also awesome that you have your Dad as your successful role model. Having someone like that is indispensable and priceless.

    Your English is actually very good for only two years. Just remember how you started anytime you get frustrated with english, you’ve gone so far already. I’m imagining myself learning Portuguese, and that is gonna take me a lot longer than you learned English.

  • Xenia Antonyuk

    Hi Caroline,
    I also learned English by IEP (Intensive English Program), but at a different school, Evans. That school is located near the Los Angeles Downtown. It was great experience. I learned a lot about different cultures; I quickly learned my English and also pick up on some Spanish. It was a fun time. Though I never heard that CSUN offers this program too.

    It is a very brave decision that you made to go to a different country by yourself to study. I never really lived by myself and I know it would be a challenge for me if I had to. I need support from my family and just as much as I also have the need to take care of my loved ones. I came to United States with my parents and just recently I got married, so there were no gaps in time when I had to live alone, and I really hope this time would never come for me in my life. However, everyone is different and all of us also have different paths and I believe that one can achieve every goal that he or she sets for themselves. You are brave, and I believe that you can overcome your difficulties too. One day you will reunite with your family in Brazil and will start your own business. I wish you all the very best!

  • barronf79

    It is great that you decided to come to the United States, particularly California; its very diverse out here. There is all cultures and people with different ideas its like no other place. I am sure you found some comfort here in Los Angeles since there is Brazilian communities out here. I am sure you have come across to Brazilian restaurants and small communities that remind you of home; there’s not much though at least there is unlike other countries or states where there is smaller population of Brazilians.

    There is no better happiness than to be proud of your father and admire him for what he truly is; not anyone can relate, unfortunately.

    Your English is great for having been here a few years! Keep it up! It shows your determination to succeed.

    I have always had interest in Portuguese, its such a beautiful language! My parents would put on Portuguese music since I was a child, that’s how I grew some love towards the language. My dad always worked with different cultures especially Italians, Armenians, and Brazilians. He picked up some Italian and a bit of Portuguese and Armenian. At some point I grew up and spent less time with my father and went to charter schools far away from my home so, I stopped learning and practicing other languages. Im looking forward to the FIFA world Cup in Brazil next year, I’m excited!!

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